How Can I Get Out of Poverty With Low Income?

If you are living in abject poverty where you are unable to even cater for your basic needs, it is time to get out of your comfort zone and come up with ways of changing your situation. Unfortunately, you may not know how you can change the situation as according to you, you feel that the income you are getting is too low to change your situation.

Here is a guide on how you will be able to get out of poverty even when your income is very low:

  • Do not expect others to help you if you are not doing anything: if your current job is paying too low, you do not have to stick to it for 10 years. for instance, if you are earning $10 for making ice cream, you should have gathered enough knowledge on how the process goes so that you can start making your own ice cream. In doing this, you will stop relying on others and instead, earn up to 100 times what you were earning.
  • Get rid of every bad habit: if you smoke harmful substances and consume alcoholic drinks, stop! Such practices will only rob you of the energy to work and of the low income you are currently earning.
  • Spend wisely: Whatever little you are currently earning, do not squander it. Make a proper budget and try as much as possible to save some and will this small step, you will be in a better place tomorrow.
  • Put fear aside: if you are afraid of getting out of your comfort zone and doing something new, you need to change. Fear will never get you out of your poverty but will only make you more miserable.

Changing your location is also another great way of getting out of poverty. If you live in a neighborhood where everyone is very comfortable about their poverty, you need to go to a place where you will be challenged to do more. Associate with people who are thinking beyond where they are so that like them, you can make your life better.

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